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Kitchen Oil & Vinegar Bottle Labels

Kitchen Oil & Vinegar Bottle Labels

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Dress up your oil, vinegar, and other kitchen liquids in style. Ready to apply to the bottles of your choice. The Standard sets are ready to ship immediately.


**Dimensions; Label Size: 5" x 1.5"
**Default color is BLACK
**Printed on professional-quality polyester label paper to resist water, oil, and other kitchen spills
**Recommend wiping clean with soap and water. DO NOT submerge in the water or dishwasher
**Easy to apply on your own canisters or bottles
**Work best when adhered to a smooth, even surface
**Not recommended for use on textured, spherical, or convex jars
**Mason jar labels, Organization labels, Storage labels, Spice jar labels, or Kitchen labels

==Standard 20

1. Apple Cider Vinegar
2. Avocado Oil
3. Balsamic Vinegar
4. Canola Oil
5. Coconut Oil
6. Cooking Oil
7. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
8. Flax Seed Oil
9. Grapeseed Oil
10. Malt Vinegar
11. Mediterranean Blend
12. Olive Oil
13. Red Wine Vinegar
14. Rice Vinegar
15. Salad Vinegar
16. Sesame Oil
17. Vegetable Oil
18. Vinegar
19. White Vinegar
20. White Wine Vinegar

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