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Spice and Herbs Pantry Labels | Water & Oil Resistant | Kitchen Organization - Set Of 60 Labels

Spice and Herbs Pantry Labels | Water & Oil Resistant | Kitchen Organization - Set Of 60 Labels

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Our labels are consisting of set of 60 essential spices and herbs mostly used in premium culinary cooking or your home kitchen. They are a perfect addition to your pantry or kitchen cabinet.
All our labels are water/oil resistant (*Please note that this excludes the brown kraft option) and ready to use. Simply peel and stick them to the items of your choice.

Label Set Includes –
1. Allspice
2. Anise
3. Baharat
4. Basil
5. Bay Leaves
6. BBQ Rub
7. Black Pepper
8. Cajun
9. Cayenne
10. Cardamom
11. Celery Salt
12. Celery Seed
13. Chili Powder
14. Chili Flakes
15. Chives
16. Cilantro
17. Cinnamon Powder
18. Cinnamon Sticks
19. Cloves
20. Coriander
21. Cream Of Tartar
22. Cumin
23. Curry
24. Dill
25. Fennel
26. Fenugreek
27. Garlic Powder
28. Ginger
29. Garam Masala
30. Greek Seasoning
31. Herbs De Provence
32. Italian Seasoning
33. Lemon Pepper
34. Marjoram
35. Mint
36. Montreal
37. Mustard Powder
38. Mustard Seed
39. Nutmeg
40. Old Bay
41. Onion Powder
42. Oregano
43. Paprika
44. Parsley
45. Poppy Seed
46. Poultry Seasoning
47. Pumpkin Pie Spice
48. Red Pepper
49. Rosemary
50. Saffron
51. Sage
52. Salt
53. Seasoned Salt
54. Sesame Seeds
55. Slap Ya Mama
56. Star Anise
57. Tarragon
58. Thyme
59. Turmeric
60. White Pepper

♥Material Options: white matte water resistant or brown kraft.

♥Custom Orders:

o You may include your own item(s) in the "Personalization" box.
o There are no adjustments to our overall layouts or fonts, only the custom names can be accommodated for.

♥Size: Circle Labels: Diameters: 1.5 inch (3.81 cm)

♥How to prepare surface
Our labels work best when applied to a flat, clean, or cylindrically and are not recommended for use on textured, spherical, or convex jars.

♥To test if the label will fit
Our labels are permanent adhesive, not designed for reapplication. We’d recommend to practice cutting out post-it (or a piece of paper) into the same size of the label and place it to determine the label position.

♥Care Instructions:

Do: Wipe gently with a damp cloth over the text.
Do Not:
Please note that they are not dishwasher friendly.
Do not soak or submerge.Check out our sister site,,
for more exciting, ready-to-ship home editing products.

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